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Spinach Ambat- Konkani style spinach gravy/Guest Blog

Hello Everyone !!!

Yet another guest post at Crackleandtemper  yaaay !!!

This time it is a regional cuisine from none other than a very close friend of mine . Introducing you all to Sreelatha Shenoy from Framed recipes , super duper excited about this . Sree is a very very talented blogger with loads of delicious recipes which are easy to follow and beautifully clicked.  I am a great fan of several of her recipes and I have tried a lot of them , they are definitely Tried, Tested and framed (her catchphrase). I have always wanted to have Sree in my space because of her writing style (which I am a great fan of ) also her drool worthy pictures and when I asked her she agreed upon doing a guest post for me yayy.  This time she is bringing a Konkani delicacy Spinach Ambat , a delicious Spinach Gravy made in a traditional way with some lovely flavorful spices. I am not talking too much this time and spoiling all the fun 😉 .

Before I hand over to Sree few words about her lovely pictures , they are so crisp , clear professionally styled and very very tempting . When she send me her pictures of Ambat I was astonished with the beauty of all the pictures. I couldnt stop sharing the beautifully clicked picture of spinach by her , check this out read on more about the recipe and also her lovely clicks



Now I am handing over to Sree

PS : Dont forget to check for some Tried , Tested and framed recipes Spinach_Ambat_0003-2-Edit



A BIG hello to all readers of Crackle and Temper from Sreelatha.

I blog at Framed Recipes and it was through our love of food and blogging that I “met” Parvathy.

It is an honor and privilege to be writing a guest post for Parvathy’s blog –  though we have not met personally, we have connected so much that I feel we that we have been lifelong friends.

When she asked me whether I would do a guest post for her blog, I was super thrilled and I wanted it to be something super special that I do for her. I asked for time (and she was kind enough to let me work at my pace) to plan something for her blog.

I zeroed in on this Spinach Ambat. What makes it special? It is a family recipe which I learned from my grandmother. She used to make this using Malabar Spinach (also called Vaali in konkani). It cannot get any special than this to be able to share a family recipe with a special friend.

Occasionally, I get Malabar spinach from Asian stores, but the store is about 40-45 miles from where I live, so a drive like that is not justified. So, to use what is available locally, I started to use regular spinach.

I was not sure whether Parvathy would like such a simple dish for a guest post. So, I ran it by her and I was happy that she was happy with the idea.

So, here you go, from my kitchen to yours, Spinach Ambat.

It is a pretty straightforward recipe, typical of Konkani cuisine, uses coconut, red chillies and tamarind for flavor.



1/2 cup (about 100 grams) Toor Dal; washed and drained

1 medium (about 120-150 grams) potato diced

3-4 cups (about 130-170 grams) of Spinach, roughly chopped

Salt to taste

Grind to paste

¾ cup (about 60-80 grams) grated coconut (fresh or frozen & thawed)

2-3 whole red chillies (adjust to taste)

1 teaspoon tamarind pulp

1 teaspoon paprika (optional)


1.5 tablespoon oil

1 medium sized onion (about 150 grams), chopped.


In a tempering or tadka pan, roast the whole red chillies in a few drops of oil over medium heat.

Grind coconut, roasted red chillies, tamarind pulp and paprika to a smooth paste.

Pressure cook the dal.

Wash, peel and dice the potato.

Once the dal is pressure cooked, open the pressure cooker, mash the dal with the back of the ladle.

Add the diced potato and water (if necessary) and cook till the potatoes are tender.

Once the potatoes are soft and cooked, add the chopped spinach (and additional water if necessary). You might have to add the spinach in batches and wait for it to wilt before adding the next batch to accommodate all of it (depending on the size of your pressure cooker).

Add water if required to bring the gravy to a pouring consistency.

Now it is time to stir in the ground masala along with salt. Allow this to simmer for about 5-8 minutes and adjust the seasonings.


Heat oil in the tadka pan and fry the onions till golden brown and pour over the simmering ambat.

Serve hot.


Recipe Notes:

  1. Pressure cook toor dal: This method is on stove top using my 5 liter pressure cooker. (the time may vary with the different types and brands of cooker). Add the washed and drained toor dal to the cooker along with about 1.5 cups of water. Close the pressure cooker and place weight on it. Pressure cook on medium heat till the cooker release one whistle. Lower the heat and cook for an additional 6-8 minutes. Turn off the heat. Let the steam escape.
  2. If you cannot find tamarind pulp, use a gooseberry sized (or cherry sized) tamarind soaked in water.
  3. Adjust the quantity of the tamarind pulp to suit the tanginess you prefer.
  4. I add Paprika for color and not for the heat. You can skip it if you don’t have it.






I hope you all enjoyed this lovely recipe by Sree, before I wind up the post I would like to thank Sreelatha for writing up this beautiful recipe for me . I also have my absolute personal favorites of her recipes , which I have tried and tested as well .

Check here for my favorite recipes from Framed recipes

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3. Chia seeds breakfast bowl

Don’t forget to get in touch with Sree through


Google plus








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