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Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus / Meatless Monday

Hello Folks !!!

I am back to blogging after a week break , it was a stressful week due to some personal issues and I really needed some time to catch up before I go into full on baking mode ūüėČ ūüėČ . The blogging mode starts with a delicious meatless monday recipe , what else could go better. For this weeks meatless monday recipe I am bringing ¬†spicy sweet potato hummus loaded with proteins and you can serve this hummus as a dip for your holiday parties .

I am  a great fan of various types of hummus , I have made spinach hummus , roasted red pepper hummus , hummus with chipotle peppers but never tried with a starchy vegetable with it . I read about this in a website called cookieand kate and I wanted to make this for a while , then the meatless monday comes so why not . I am bringing you all a spicy sweet potato hummus made with sweet potato & chickpeas and flavored with red chilli powder & cumin powder . It is a very easy recipe with few ingredients put together and you can serve this for your christmas parties as a dip, I promise everyone is going to love this ;), Serve this with nachos , bagel crisps or any veggies. This is an excellent vegan option and gluten free for people with any allergies. 

Recipe reference

Now let’s see how to make this easy hummus


Prep Time Р6 hours soaking time for chickpeas if you are using dried  plus 20 mins roasting time for sweet potato
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Serves- 6
Author – Parvathy V Nair


Sweet potato- 1 medium 
Chickpeas cooked Р1 cup 
Olive oil- 2 tablespoons 
Tahini- 2 tablespoons 
Garlic- 2 cloves peeled 
Lemon juice Рfrom one lemon 
Salt Рto taste 
Paprika- 1/2 teaspoon 
Cumin- 1/2 teaspoon 
You can increase the paprika and cumin according to your taste 


1. If you are using dried chickpeas , soak it the previous night , now pressure cook it till soft . If you are using canned chickpeas , drain & wash the chickpeas keep it aside. 

2. Preheat oven to 350 F , bake sweet potatoes till it’s tender. It might take 15 to 20 minutes and it may vary according to your oven.¬†

3. Now in a food processor place all ingredients except the sweet potato and process it till smooth . 

4. When the sweet potatoes have cooled add this to the food processor and process till smooth . 

5. Check for seasoning add more if required 

6. Serve as a dip with veggies or chips 



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