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DFT makes a Come back/ Diabetic Friendly Thursdays


DFT is back and back with a bang! We couldn’t have chosen a better month for the come back, other than NOVEMBER!!

The American Diabetes Association observes Diabetes Month every November. Raising awareness of this ever-growing disease is one of the main efforts behind the mission of the Association. American Diabetes Month® (ADM) is an important element in this effort, with programs designed to focus the nation’s attention on the issues surrounding diabetes and the many people who are impacted by the disease.

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We have made changes with the badge of DFT! It is more self describing and stands in support of our DFT Chapter.

The Blue Circle on the top is the Universal Blue Circle Symbol for Diabetes, also known as Diabetes mellitus !

The Food Triangle shown at the bottom part of the badge, is the “suggested” food triangle for a diabetic!

For more Information on Diabetes and its symptoms, please click here

As our comeback post , we are bringing you all our favorite  DFT recipes done so far . I will be listing out 5 of my favorite DFT recipes which I have done so far  , make sure to check further down to read recipes from other DFT bloggers. 

DFT comeback posts Warning –
These suggestions are made on general basis. Please do not eat all the below mentioned dishes in one day. Keep in mind your daily calorie intake and the amount of exercise you incorporate!

1. Kambu/ Bajra Dosai – Pearl Millet Crepes

I have always wanted to blog a lot of gluten free recipes , because in our South Indian diet we have a huge selection of gluten free recipes for any kind of meal . So when I came to know about the theme I decided that I have to make a breakfast item which is filling as well as nutritious. So here I bring you all a delicious pearl millet crepe which is an excellent gluten free breakfast recipe . With a slight prep ahead you can make these crepes even during a busy morning . I have used whole grains in this recipe to get the entire nutrition from the grains.



2.  Pumpkin Erissery – No oil pumpkin curry

Erissery is a type of curry which is famous from the state of Kerala in India . It is an integral part of Onam/ Vishu Sadya (feast) or marriage feast . Traditionally an erissery is made with pumpkin/ yam , some times a kind of beans is added and with loads of cococnut and an extra addition of fried coconut . To make this calorie loaded curry diabetic friendly and guilt free , I have not tempered , no extra coconut is added and I have only used 2 tablespoons of grated coconut in this and it still tasted as delicious as the regular erissery. I have also added some van payar (cow peas ) to it and I have increased the quantitiy of the lentil in this to make this an excellent side dish served with some Brown Rice . Even though I have used coconut sparingly in this dish , I would still like to stress on eating it in smaller portions and not on huge portions . Portion control is absolutely important in even eating vegetables & lentils as a side dish.



3.  Quinoa , Lentil & Chicken Biriyani

 Who doesn’t love a fulfilling and fragrant biriyani to satisfy your hunger . A biriyani is a delicate dish which is very flavourful and has to be done with a lot of precision. The making of biriyani differs from region to region. I have made this biriyani by cooking quinoa and lentil separate with spices , then made the chicken and mixed it together , this method is a kind of variation to the northern kerala style biriyani . A normal biriyani is made with basmati rice or jeeraga samba rice , for the DFT this week instead of using rice I have used Quinoa and Black Lentils. If black lentil is unavilable feel free to use split yellow moong dal also , but make sure not to pressure cook the lentils to retain the shape . I have only used chicken drumsticks here which has been skinned and fat has been removed and please avoid using thigh meat , use either breast or drumstick . Making Biriyani is definitely a lengthy process but the result is totally worth . I have served this scrumptious Biriyani with a side of Carrot and Radish salad and Low fat yogurt instead of usual papad and pickle.

Now let’s get into cooking this beauty !!!



4. Orange iced tea flavoured with basil

We all love to have yummy lemonades and fruit juices right but we hesitate due to the sugar content in it . I have made an orange iced tea here without any added sugar , yes you heard it right no added sugar at all . I freshly squeezed the orange juice at home and the juice was very sweet without adding any sugar . I have used basil here to flavor the iced tea , if basil is unavailable feel free to use some fresh mint in the same way which I have explained below . Even though this drink doesnt have any added sugar orange does have natural sugars in this so again portion control is key . I will be explaining below about suggested serving size and in the foot notes more about ingredients



5. Vegan Gluten free brownie bites

A gluten free and vegan brownies which means no flour and no eggs and no sugar also , doesn’t that sound exciting for you all . The star ingredients of my recipe are black beans , dates  and all natural peanut butter . This is brownie is as gooey and fudgy as the regular flour brownies and healthier than them . I used dates as my sweetener here instead of artificial sweeteners , but you need to keep in mind that desserts are just to satisfy the sweet tooth not to consume it as a meal . I will be explaining in the foot notes about exact measurement of the brownies in grams and the recommended serving size, but I would like to stress about the serving size here as well . Each of my brownie weighs 40 grams , so I would recommend the serving size to be 20 grams which are half size of it . In order to keep that portion control I used a muffin pan to bake these goodies instead of using a loaf pan , you can do the same to keep the size in control and satisfy the sweet craving without binge eating



I am not a nutritionist or dietician. My knowledge and information is based on my research and reading from different resources. Please consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet.

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