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Maladoo- Roasted Gram Flour Ladoo / Blog hop/ Culinary Hoppers/Diwali


Hello Folks

Yet another Diwali recipe for you all !!!

This time I am bringing you all a delicious and easy to make diwali sweet . A nutritious and protein rich ladoo made out of roasted bengal gram , sugar and ghee. This recipe I have made as a part of our blog hop with culinary hoppers. Since Diwali is next week so we decided to bring our delicious blog hop recipes this week itself so that you all can enjoy it and make it for the upcoming festival. I am super duper excited for the blog hop this time , because I love diwali and we are making sweets for it yaay , isn’t that awesome , read on till the end to know more about the diwali delicacies that we are bringing this week.

The sweet which I am bringing you all is not only delicious but also full of protein . It is a very  easy recipe to make , fool proof and no cook , how cool is that 🙂 . Making these ladoos are not rocket science , really simply but you just need the right ingredients in the exact amount which I have mentioned in the ingredients. Do not worry all the ingredients are easily available and you can make this in no time . Because I have used Ghee in making this ladoos , it will be having a longer shelf life , if you store in an airtight container in fridge you can store this up to 2 weeks . Now let’s see how to make these delicious ladoos and what other culinary hoppers have in the store for us


Prep Time- 10 minutes 
Cooking Time – 10 minutes 
Makes- 25 ladoos 
Author – Parvathy V Nair



Roasted Bengal Gram – 2 cups (I have attached a picture in the method for reference)
Sugar- 1 cup (You can increase the sugar amount if you would like )
Ghee- 1/2 cup , can use more if needed to make the ladoos 
Cardamoms – 2 pods. 


1. First measure 2 cups of roasted bengal gram and keep it aside 

2. Now powder this in a food processor , sieve and keep this powder aside 

3.  Remove cardamom seeds from the pods , discard the seeds . Powder sugar and cardamom seeds in your food processor . Do not skip powdering the sugar you will not get a smooth taste in the ladoos . Also do not use icing sugar instead powdered sugar that also changes the texture. 

4. Mix the powdered gram flour and sugar . Then slowly add ghee to it , one tablespoon at a time . Mix using hands, add ghee till you are able to make firm rounds out of the mixture. 

5. If it is too soft , keep it in fridge for 10 minutes and it will firm .



This recipe has been blogged as a part of blog hop with culinary hoppers.
15 - 2

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17 thoughts on “Maladoo- Roasted Gram Flour Ladoo / Blog hop/ Culinary Hoppers/Diwali

  1. I have been loving your styling from the very start 🙂 so gorgeous, the plating, the sprinkle of petals, the background – love it all. beautifully offset by your perfectly made ladoos . irresistible! i make them too and love them immensely 🙂 lovely share Paro.

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