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The most fudgy chewy brownie


Hello Everyone !!!

The recipe which I am bringing today is every chocoholic’s dream put together. The most moist , fudgy and chewy brownies you have ever had , trust me I am not kidding 🙂 . I once made this delicious recipe which was written on the backside of rodelle cocoa powder and I got so many praises for it . It turned out to be the most fudgy brownie I have ever made . So this recipe is from the rodelle cocoa powder  , attaching their website as well to see more delicious recipes from there

Now you might have noticed that why my brownies are not square shaped , you are going to laugh when I point out the first reason LOL . I honestly didn’t have a brownie pan to make a square shape ones instead I chose to bake in my muffin pan and they did turn out to be pretty good and moist . Another reason for doing that is I wanted to make Bouchon brownies , even though I didn’t have the mold this was the closest shape I could get 😉 . Bouchons are small cork shaped brownies from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery. I had these real Bouchons from Napa once my husband went for a trip and got it for me from there , and it was the best brownies I have ever had in my life such deliciousness . From that time onwards I have been searching for a sin full brownie recipe , it didn’t succeed till now . After trials of several recipes , this one from rodelle turned out to be the best with exact taste of Bouchon . Now I am pretty sure you all might be drooling while reading this post , I am 😉 . So let’s read more about how to make this sin full brownies with available ingredients in your kitchen pantry .


Prep Time – 20 minutes 
Cooking Time – 30 minutes ( may be lesser or more depending on your oven) 
Makes- 12 to 15 pieces
Author- Parvathy V Nair 


Butter- 125 grams 
Eggs – 2 
All purpose flour – 6 1/2 tablespoons 
Sugar- 1 cup + 2 tablespoons 
Cocoa powder- 6 1/2 tablespoons ( use a good quality cocoa powder to give you a rich deep colour and flavor) 
Chocolate chips – 1/4 cup 
Walnut pieces – 1/4 cup optional 


1. First and foremost thing , all the ingredients must be at room temperature other wise your brownies won’t turn good 😉 

2. Preheat your oven to 350 F 

3. Sieve flour and cocoa powder , keep it aside 

4. In a pan keep butter and melt it . To this add sugar and melt it in low heat . Keep it aside and let it cool 

5. After the butter sugar mixture have cooled , add eggs one by one and beat it for 2 minutes 

6. Now add the flour and cocoa powder to it and mix 

7. Add chocolate chips and nuts (optional) 

8. Prepare a pan by greasing it ,pour this batter to it . I used a muffin pan you can also use the same . 

9. Bake it for almost 30 minutes or till the upper crust have formed . The baking time can differ from oven to oven so keep an eye on the brownie to prevent burning .

10. Take it out of the oven , cool it and cut it into desired pieces, if you have made it in a brownie pan or just eat it like that if it from a muffin pan. 



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