Mixed Nut Butter


Hello everyone !!!

Today I am bringing you all a delicious , healthy and homemade nut butter using a medley of various nuts. It is completely sugar free, preservative free and the best way to disguise some nuts into your kids diet . Doesn’t that sound awesome , then you need to check out my recipe for a home made mixed nuts better which you can whip up in literally no time . Don’t think that I am craazzyyy , it’s the truth you can whiz this in no time,  read further  down to know more about this delicious recipe 😉 

Before I go into the details of the recipe , few health benefits of nuts and the importance of eating them.
Different nuts have different health benefits , but I am only going to touch the nuts which I have used here
Cashew nuts – These nuts are a good source of protein for people who are on a vegetarian diet. They are also rich in iron , zinc and magnesium which helps in improving your memory.
Almonds- If you going on a dairy free diet due to any health reasons , these calcium rich beauties are the best way to incorporate calcium in your diet . You can consume almonds in various forms such as raw , roasted , almond milk or as almond butter. Almonds are also rich in Vitamin E which can be a cure to several skin conditions , so including almonds in your diet can provide you all these benefits.
Peanuts- Heart healthy nuts which is rich in monounsaturated fats. Peanuts are full of healthy fats , various minerals and antioxidants 
Sunflower Seeds- A healthy snack which is full of vitamin E and magnesium . You can snack on this instead of snacking on fried or packaged foods .

Read further to know more about the health benefits of nuts


Yield- 1 big jar of 750 grams 
Prep Time – 10 minutes if you are roasting the nuts at home 
Cooking Time – 20 minutes 
Author- Parvathy V Nair 



Peanuts – 1 cup 
Cashew nuts- 1 cup 
Almonds- 1 cup 
Sunflower Seeds- 1/4 cup 
Salt – one or two pinches 
Maple syrup/ Honey- 1/2 teaspoon (Optional)


1. Do buy unsalted nuts and seeds to make this home made butter . You can buy roasted also but I prefer to buy raw and roast it at home. 

2. If have bought the nuts & seeds raw slightly dry roast them on medium heat and cool it 

3. Now place these nuts and seeds  in your food processor start blitzing it 

4. First this will turn powdery . In 10 minutes it will start into a chunky paste form . In the next 10 minutes it will be really smooth which will be oozing the nut oils. 

5. Now in the end add salt and maple syrup that’s it . You can eat this home made delicious nut butter without any additives in it .


1.Use a clean dry jar to store this nut butter

2. This can be stored up to 2 to 3 weeks in fridge , always use a clean dry spoon to scoop out the butter 



3 thoughts on “Mixed Nut Butter

  1. Sounds super yummy. I have a few questions though; there was no mention of the sunflower seeds in the method. Also I am assuming you are using kernels to avoid having to shell the sunflower seeds. Do the seeds/kernels need to be roasted?
    Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thanks Uma , I am just updating the typo . We get shelled sunflower seeds here and I have mentioned it if you are buying raw you can roast them 🙂

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