Harissa Spice Mix


Hello Everyone !!! 

Today I am bringing you all a fiery North African spice mix called Harissa . The recipe is being adapted from Joy of cooking by Irma S Rombauer . This spicy mix can be made into a paste and stirred into black olives , seafood stews , soups, herb salads and vegetable dishes or can be used as a dry ingredient in sauces or as dry rubs for meats . The harissa sauce is made out of this spice mix , garlic paste and oils such as olive oil or any vegetable oil. Next to sriracha and ketchup Harissa is another versatile condiment which is popular worldwide and it is also a great substitute to hot sauce. I made a spice mix instead of a sauce to use it for various purposes , you can also make a sauce out of this mix instantly which I will explain in the end . The usage of harissa sauce is endless , you can use this on pizza , chicken wings , sandwiches or salads. This is such an easy spice mix to make with few ingredients which is available in your pantry . 


Preparation time – 5 minutes 
Cooking time – 10 minutes 
Method- easy 
Yields – 1/2 cup powder 
Author- Parvathy V Nair 



Cumin Seeds- 2 teaspoons
Coriander seeds- 2 teaspoons 
Caraway Seeds (Shahi Jeera)- 1/2 teaspoon 
Dried chilli – 4 tablespoons chopped 
Smoked Paprika – 2 teaspoons (if you don’t have that use Kashmiri red chilli powder 
Salt- 1 teaspoon 


1. In a pan lightly toast cumin seeds , coriander seeds and caraway seeds just till it becomes fragrant . 

2. Roughly chop the red chillies and keep it aside 

3. In a spice grinder or in a mixie keep all the seeds and chilli , pulse it couple of times 

4. To this mixture add paprika and salt, the spice mix is ready 

5. To make a harissa sauce , place 2 tablespoons of this mix , one garlic clove and one tablespoon olive oil in a food processor and pulse it 





7 thoughts on “Harissa Spice Mix

    1. Hi Khushboo

      I have already used cumin seeds in that , so if you use regular cumin it will be overpowering . Shahi jeera gives that flavour to it . I hope this helps you

      Thank you so much for your comments and appreciation

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