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Peach Panna – Spiced Peach Cooler


Hello Everyone !!!

Summer is almost ending ūüė¶ , I know it is such a big bummer for us who are from Canada. I was very upset about the weather last week here in southern ontario , it was swinging from 12 C to 15 C. I did really think the summer got over and we have to go back into the jacket season . But luckily it is getting warmed up this week , it is going upto 30s here . So we are lucky to have a BBQ before the schools open after labor day . My recipe today is a refreshing peach drink which you can serve for the labor day weekend BBQ.
Well the BBQ season is ending and peaches are in season for us in Ontario, so why not make a drink with the surplus peaches you have bought from farmers market or from fruit picking. ¬†I have made a peach panna here , yes you heard it right the exact same recipe of aam panna but just substituted peach instead of aam. Now you might be wondering what is Aam , aam in hindi means mango . Aam panna is a cooling and refreshing drink made out of boiled raw mango pulp then spiced with cardamom , cumin , jaggery and salt .I used roasted cumin here to give an extra kick to this drink . Serve this drink for your upcoming BBQ and I am sure your guests will be so pleased and impressed with this excellent drink.¬†It is a very good alternative to serving pop because this drink can be enjoyed by both adults as well as kids. So let’s get into the recipe without much talking ūüėČ


Prep Time – 5 minutes
Cooking Time Р15 minutes 
Serves- 5 to 6 people 
Method РEasy 
Author- Parvathy V Nair 


Peach РVery ripe 5 to 6 
Cardamom-  2 to 3 pods 
Cumin Seeds- 1/4 teaspoon 
Black salt- 1 teaspoon 
Powdered Jaggery Р1/2 cup you can use more or less as desired 


1. In a sauce  pan bring some water to boil , when the water is boiling add the peaches to it and blanch till the skins are softened . 

2. Strain and keep the peaches aside so that it cools down. 

3. While the peaches are cooling powder cardamom and jaggery together in a food processor . 

4. In a pan dry roast the cumin seeds and powder this as well . It is better to use cumin seeds than cumin , it will give a good flavor to this drink 

5. Now the peaches would have cooled , remove skin and pit then mash the flesh using hands or a fork . 

6. Place this peach pulp , spices and jaggery in a blender and blend it for 2 to 3 minutes.

7. You can store this pulp in the fridge for upto a week . 

Preparing the Panna 

1. In a glass place 2 to 3 teaspoons of pulp with couple of ice cubes and then add water 

2. Alternatively you can add carbonated water if you wish to . 

3. Serve Chilled 



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