Basbousa – Semolina cakes soaked in sugar syrup


Hello Everyone !!! 

Happy Rakshabandhan 

Crackleandtemper is celebrating this rakshabandhan with a delicious and indulging Egyptian sweet which is called Basbousa . I am dedicating this recipe to my sweet loving brother, happy rakhi my little brother . This sweet is made of semolina , yogurt , sugar and butter which means this is totally an eggless recipe !!!. I love semolina in any form both in sweet or savory form so for rakhi I had to make something out of semolina. 
Basbousa is a very famous Egyptian sweet , I have had it first time while I was working in middle east. This sweet brings back a lot of good memories for me especially indulging on these with some turkish coffee ,one piece of basbousa and the strong turkish coffee , it was divine . This sweet is made very very sweet to have it with bitter coffee . While you bite into this,  the sugar syrup oozes out of it and a sip of the coffee balances this sweetness. To enjoy this beauty to it’s fullness you need to have a very strong bitter coffee with that 😉 . It is such an easy recipe to make and it is not at all labour intensive and will give you the result you want . You can also flavour this cake with any flavours of your choice . Some suggested flavours are cinnamon , cardamom or any citrus fruits . I have used oranges to flavor this cake which took the regular basbousa to another level. So not talking much about the dish let’s get into cooking this delectable dessert. 


Serves- 5 
Preparation Time – 10 minutes 
Cooking Time – 45 minutes 
Medium- Easy 
Author – Parvathy V Nair 


Coarse Semolina – 2 cups 
Almond flour – 1/4 cup 
Yogurt- 1 cup 
Sugar- 1 cup 
Unsalted butter melted- 1/2 cup and some to brush on the baking dish 
Milk- 1/3 cup 
Baking Powder- 1 teaspoon 
Almonds- few for garnish 

For the orange flavored syrup 
Sugar- 2 cups 
Water – 1 cup 
Freshly squeezed orange juice – 1 cup 


1. Preheat the oven to 350 F

2. Melt the butter in microwave and keep it aside . Prepare a 9″ round baking pan by greasing it with little butter. 

3. In a bowl mix sugar and yogurt till smooth . 

4. To this add all the other ingredients and mix till smooth .  

5. Pour this batter into the baking pan , make sure it is only filled till half way otherwise it will overflow . 

6. Bake it in the oven for 45 minutes or till an inserted toothpick comes out clean . 

7. While the cake is baking we can make the sugar syrup . In a pan rapidly boil sugar and water , when it is boiling really faster stir it with a spoon . Then turn off the flame add squeezed orange juice to it . If you don’t want a very sweet basbousa you can reduce the amount of sugar syrup. 

8. Let the sugar syrup cool very well . Take out the cake from the oven after it is done and to this hot cake pour the cool syrup . It is very important that the cake has to be hot to absorb all the sugar syrup to it . 

9. Wait till the cake cools down , garnish with almonds cut into squares and keep in fridge overnight and next day serve warm or cold . 


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