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Green Hummus


Hello Everyone !!!

Today I am bringing you all a twist on a traditional dish, Green Hummus. This is a take on the regular hummus with an addition of an extra ingredient in it to make it extra healthier. Can you guess the secret ingredient which gave this beautiful color to it . Well don’t worry I will definitely reveal the secret ingredient to you all , it is nothing else other than spinach. Yes you heard it right I have used spinach here to give the beautiful green color without any different taste. This is also a great idea to add vegetables in yummy dips without any added calories and can be given to kids as well.

I have used the traditional hummus recipe here only with the addition of blanched spinach . Blanching is a cooking method in which vegetables are immersed into boiling water for few seconds , removes and quickly run under cold water to retain the colour . I used little bit water and saved the water to use it for curries later on, in that way we are not losing the nutrients from spinach. I did use a store bought tahini paste here , if you don’t have access to it toast some sesame seeds without burning and you can use it while you grind the hummus . This is an excellent low fat, gluten free and vegan dip or can be used as a sandwich spread .

Preparation Time – 10 minutes
Cooking Time – 10 minutes
Medium- Easy
Author – Parvathy V Nair



Spinach- 1 cup raw
Cooked chickpeas- 1 1/2 cups
Tahini sauce- 1 1/2 tablespoons (if using sesame seeds use 2 tablespoons)
Lemon Juice – One big lemon
Garlic- one clove
Salt- As needed
Toasted sesame seeds , dried thyme and dried sumac – for garnish.
Olive oil – 1 teaspoon for garnish

1. Bring water to a rapid boil , quickly immerse chopped spinach to it . In few seconds drain and run the spinach under cold water .

2. If you are using canned chick peas make sure rinse it very well . If using chickpeas from dried form , soak in hot water for 30 minutes pressure cook it for 20 minutes drain and keep it aside.

3. In a food processor place all ingredients except the ones for garnish and process till smooth .

4. Check for salt and add more if required . Garnish and serve with pita bread


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