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Lentil & Kale salad with Za’atar Dressing


Hello Everyone !!! 

Crackleandtemper is back with another salad for you all. This time I am bringing you all a middle eastern style lentil salad. It is made with a special Lebanese style spice called za’atar spice . Zatar is a middle eastern spice blend made with dried thyme , sumac , dried oregano , sesame seeds and salt . Generally this spice is served with labneh (a thick yogurt dip), served with hummus or blended with olive oil and served with warm pita. This salad is full of proteins because of lentils and I have not used any oil to cook the kale , the amount of oil which I have used here is just 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the dressing . So you can pretty much say this beauty is oil free 😉

I have used black lentils here , so you can pretty much use any lentils with skin on it so that it stays intact without getting mushy. The Kale which I have used is not stir fried , it is just steamed in little water which means it is cooked by the steam evaporated from the water . This helps in cooking the kale evenly without any addition of extra oil to it. You can actually use any vegetables of your choice but it has to be fresh and which can be eaten raw . I have used some cucumbers and bell peppers , feel free to use tomatoes , red onions  or carrots. Also another important thing to mention here is while you are adding salt , if you are using a store bought za’atar blend be very careful in adding any extra salt because it already contains salt in it . I have used a store bought za’atar blend here , I have never made it from scratch at home  but planning to do that soon . You will be able to find this spice blend in any middle eastern specialty store , if you still cannot find it just mix some dried thyme , sumac, dried oregano, sesame seeds and salt in equal quantities. 

Preparation Time : 2 hours including soaking time if you are using dried lentils 
Cooking Time : 20 minutes including cooking time for lentils if using dried lentils 
Serves : 2 to 3 people 
Medium : Easy 
Author : Parvathy V Nair 


Black Lentils –  One cup cooked , if using canned make sure to rinse it very well before you use . I have used dried lentils and I soaked it for 2 hours in hot water. 
Kale – 1 cup chopped 
Cucumbers- 1/4 cup chopped 
Red bell peppers- 1/4 cup chopped 
Salt & Pepper – as required 

For Dressing 
Olive oil- 2 tablespoons 
Lemon Juice- 3 tablespoons 
Za’atar Blend – 1 teaspoon (add more if required)

1. Pressure cook soaked lentils till it is soft . If there is any excess water , drain and keep it in fridge to cool. 

2. While the lentils are cooling in the fridge we can steam the kale . In a pan place the chopped kale with some water sprinkled then cover and cook  till the kale is cooked , but do add more water if required but not too much it will make the kale mushy. 


3. Chop all the vegetables and keep it aside 

4. Now let’s make the dressing. Whisk all the ingredients mentioned in the dressing part and keep it aside. 

5. Mix all these together and check for seasoning . if needed add some salt or some za’atar spice. Serve cold .


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