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Gooseberry Ginger Lemonade


Hello Everyone !!!

Summer is the time to prepare thirst quenching drinks to cool off your body and mind . In that array I have made several drinks in crackleandtemper , so this time I am presenting you all a mouth watering and healthy drink . This drink is made of gooseberry , ginger and lemon  but with salt . Yes you heard it right , this lemonade does not have any sugar in it but some rock salt for flavouring that’s all. So what is gooseberry ? Gooseberry is an edible fruit which is native to south east Asia and some parts of Europe. It has a slight sour and tangy taste and after you eat it , it gives a slight sweet taste in your mouth. Gooseberry is full of Vitamin C and Iron and because of this medicinal value this fruit is used very well in Ayurveda. 
Traditionally when you hear about lemonade you think of sweet and sugary drink , but here I have made an exception. My amma always used to make lemonade with slight touch of salt and it used to be much more refreshing than the sugary ones . So when I wanted to make this lemonade , I thought of adding salt instead of sugar to bring out the taste of gooseberry. 
I have used frozen gooseberry here because only that was available. If you are using frozen please make sure to thaw it very well other wise feel free to use fresh ones if available . I have blended these gooseberries in my blender and then strained it . This strained left over can be used to make chutneys or flavoured rice . I promise you all this is an excellent healthy drink which can quench your thirst and satisfy you without any guilt 😉 


Serves – 4 cups of 200 to 250 ml each 
Prep Time- 5 minutes 
Cooking Time- 10 minutes 
Method- Easy 
Author- Parvathy V nair 



Gooseberry- 7 to 8 medium sized , remove pit chop it and keep it aside 
Lemon Juice- freshly squeezed from one lemon 
Ginger- 1/4 teaspoon chopped ( Can increase if you like more ginger taste )
Salt- as needed 
Water- 4 cups 
Ice- as needed


1. Blend all the above ingredients together in the blender till it is blended smooth 

2. Strain this for 10 to 15 minutes 

3. Serve cold with ice and lemon slices 

4. This drink can be made ahead and it stays well in fridge for 2 to 3 days . Make sure to stir it well before you serve . Serve cold and enjoy !!!


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