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Funky Monkey Smoothie



Hello Everyone !!!

It’s again smoothie time in Crackleandtemper . Are you looking to whip up some thing in a jiffy during busy mornings , if so this smoothie is the answer to it . Do you want to indulge in this guilt free but yummy smoothie then you have reached at the right place . Crackleandtemper would like to present you all a yummy guilt free funky monkey smoothie.
So you all heard the name , did you try to guess the ingredients ? if yes I am so glad you all gave it a try ūüėČ The ingredients in this smoothie is not rocket science pretty simple . I have always been a fan of booster juice ( a juice shop in Canada). I love their smoothies , protein shakes and paninis especially when they add the protein boost to the smoothies yumm . Last year I was so hooked to a smoothie on their menu which was called funky monkey . On the menu the listed ingredients were banana , coco and milk and it did have some kind of sugar added in that. So I wanted to recreate this smoothie at home soon and couple of weeks back I nailed the recipe with some changes to suit my taste . Good news this smoothie is good for kids as well as grown ups . This lovely smoothie tastes exactly like peanut butter cups but without the extra fat and sugar . The recipe below is for an adult but feel free to add more peanut butter if you are making for your kiddo for that extra creaminess .¬†

Now lets blitz this beauty !!!

Prep Time : 5 minutes if you already have frozen bananas , if not 2 hours to freeze the banana. 
Cooking Time : 5 minutes 
Serves- 2 
Method РEasy 


Banana – 1 cut into rounds and frozen , frozen banana gives you a creamy texture if you don’t have it ready I recommend you to freeze some bananas to make this¬†
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- 1 tablespoon
All natural peanut butter- 1 tablespoon , please don’t use peanut butters which has sugar in it . I used Kirkland all natural peanut butter . If you don’t have access to this buy some peanuts roast it and grind it to make home made peanut butter
Maple syrup/ honey- 1/2 teaspoon totally optional , I didn’t use it because I don’t like too much sweetness
Milk/almond milk/soy milk – 1/2 cup
Ice cubes- as needed
Chia seeds- little bit for garnish , if you don’t have it just avoid it ¬†

Place all the ingredients in blender except chia seeds and blitz it . Voila the smoothie is ready 

Enjoy this smoothie cold !!!!


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