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Orange Iced tea flavoured with Basil- Diabetic Friendly Thursdays

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Let us beat the heat and indulge ourselves with Diabetic Friendly Mocktails and Coolers with Team DFT!!!
This week in DFT we are bringing you all a delectable array of mouthwatering mocktails and coolers . Do check the entire post to know more details about it

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This week at DFT we all are bringing you mocktails and coolers which you can have without any added sugar . We all love to have yummy lemonades and fruit juices right but we hesitate due to the sugar content in it . I have made an orange iced tea here without any added sugar , yes you heard it right no added sugar at all . I freshly squeezed the orange juice at home and the juice was very sweet without adding any sugar . I have used basil here to flavor the iced tea , if basil is unavailable feel free to use some fresh mint in the same way which I have explained below . Even though this drink doesnt have any added sugar orange does have natural sugars in this so again portion control is key . I will be explaining below about suggested serving size and in the foot notes more about ingredients



Serves – 3 to 4  makes almost half a  litre of iced tea
Reccomended serving size- 150 ml per person which is 3/4 th of a cup 
Preparation Time – 10 minutes 
Cooking Time – 5 minutes 
Method- Easy 
Author- Parvathy V Nair 


Brewed Tea- 1 cup ( you can use any kind of tea here except green tea or flavoured teas)
Oranges- 2 big or 4 small peeled and cut into quarters 
Basil paste- 1 teaspoon 
Ice – as required 
Basil leaves and orange slices- for garnish 

1. Brew tea according to your taste . I used orange pekoe tea bag here and I normally brew tea for 2 minutes . 

2. While the tea is cooling off we can make orange juice . You don’t need a squeezer to do this a blender or a mixie would do the job . I used a blender here because I didn’t have an orange squeezer . Place cut oranges in the blender with some ice and blend it for 3 to 4 minutes or till the juice becomes smooth. 
3. Strain this juice for 20 to 30 minutes , you will get excellent freshly squeezed OJ . You can add some pulp if you like pulp in your juice . Other wise you can eat the pulp or use this pulp and sugar as an excellent home made face scrub . 

4. Now let’s make some basil paste . Take some basil leaves and muddle it into a paste . You can use a mortar and pestle or any grinding stone or a mixie . Grind it with very little water to a paste . If you are using mint do the same procedure . The ground paste should look like this 
5. Now the tea would be cold , if its still warm add some ice cubes to it . Mix orange juice to the tea , add basil past and add more ice cubes if required. Serve cold garnished with orange slices and basil leaves 
Let’s check the star ingredients aka super foods in this yummy iced tea cooler 

1. Orange 
Well why it is a super duper good food for people with diabetes.. Low glycemic index and provides key nutrients like soluble fibre and vitamin C. The soluble fibre in this tangy beauty will help in controlling the blood sugar and the low GI won’t spike the blood sugar. It is advised to add fresh oranges to your diet not packed orange juices , so make sure to freshly make your OJ for this yummy iced tea . The packet ones are not recommended because of the high amount of sugar content in that. So let’s squeeze from fresh oranges for better health right 

2. Tea
According to american diabetes association unsweetened teas are excellent low calorie drinks to quench your thirst . It’s also proven that black tea can lower blood sugar if consumed unsweetened . 

3. Basil
Basil extracts are often used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. These beauties are full of antioxidants which relieves stress ; stress is one of the major factor factor which increases diabetes. It helps in keeping a check of heart diseases which is a major complication of diabetes. 

Check these links to read more about these star ingredients in this mocktail


“I am not a dietitian or nutritionist . My knowledge and information is based on my research and reading from different resources. Please consult your doctor or dietitian before making any changes to your diet”


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  1. oh! loved the entire post! your write-up, your pictures, the fabulous recipe. how very well thought out! the new look on the blog adds to it 🙂

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