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Golden Goddess Smoothie (Vegan)

ello everyone !!!

It’s smoothie time at crackleandtemper ..
I would like to present you all a golden goddess smoothie (that’s what I call it ) with the goodness of papaya, banana , green tea and flavored with ginger . You might ask why am I using papaya and banana together , because they are my favorite fruits in the world and I can survive on both LOL . Smoothies are always my to go meal when I am lazy , don’t want to cook , but want to have a healthy balanced and filling meal . This golden goddess has a lot of good ingredients in it which are
1. Papaya
2. Banana
3. Ginger
4. Green Tea
Papaya has a considerate amount of Vitamin C and Folate , and it is scientifically proven as a treatment for various diseases like malaria and dengue fever (Wikipedia). I love the taste of papaya and the golden color and it went so well with ginger and green tea . Another super ingredient is banana, even though it is  hypoglycemic it has a lot potassium in it and a good alternative to eating processed sugary goods . Ginger it is a powerful antioxidant and immunity booster which has been used in several parts of Asia since centuries . Greet tea another anti oxidant and the new superfood added to this to smoothie to boost some power . I have used a cold brew here , but feel free to brew it hot and then cool it off to use in the smoothie .

Now let’s blitz this beauty !!!!

Serves- 2 
Prep Time- 15  minutes 
Cook Time- 5 minutes 
Author – Parvathy V Nair 

Papaya- 1 cup 
Banana- frozen 1 
Green tea- 1 cup 
Ginger- 1 teaspoon 

1. Brew green tea either hot or cold and keep it aside . If you dont have frozen banana available don’t worry just use regular banana and some ice cubes for the chillness. 
2. Blitz all these beauties together 
3. Serve cold 


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