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Burnt Garlic and Avocado Pasta



Hello Everyone !!
After such a tiring week I decided to go with a very simple recipe today , so here I present you a burnt garlic and avocado pasta . The name sounds very fancy but the method is very simple , rustic flavors and good to have as a lazy refreshing lunch . I have always loved creamy cheesy pastas than bolognese or arrabiata . I always love to eat a good carbonara topped with some good bacon but thinking of the heavy cream and butter in that I have always stayed away from it . I was actually searching for recipes where I can make pastas creamy without using heavy cream . Few things I found from google and pinterest were pumpkin puree or avocado and avocado struck me . I had one avocado in my fridge and I was bored of doing anything else with avocado and  when I read about I thought I should make a pasta out of it .
The pasta which I have used here is a quinoa macaroni , but you can use any kind of pasta whole wheat or regular durum wheat. I have used a lot of lemon juice to give it a refreshing taste and not any spices , still it was such a delectable pasta which can be served as a light lunch with a grilled fish /chicken or as it is . I have not used any cheese in the pasta sauce but it was extremely creamy because of avocado.  To finish it off you can use any kind of cheese if you wish to , but I didn’t use any as it was tastier like it was. This pasta can be served with a glass of chilled chardonnay or a pinot grigio


 Prep Time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 10 minutes 

Serves- 2 
Author – Parvathy V Nair

Cooked pasta – 1 cup
Avocado- half
Garlic – 1 or 2 cloves (if you like more garlic flavour use 2 cloves, I used 2 because I like the pungency)
Basil leaves- 3 for the sauce and 3 for garnish
Salt- as needed
Pepper- as needed
Lemon juice- half a lemon
Olive oil- 1 tablespoon 

1. Cook pasta according to the package instructions . Drain it and run it under cold water to prevent it from over cooking . Add a drizzle of olive oil to the cooked pasta to prevent it from sticking together
2. Now in a pan heat half tablespoon olive oil and add garlic cloves . Fry it till it becomes dark brown almost burnt but not completely black . Alternatively you can roast this garlic in oven as well 
3. In a food processor place avocado , garlic , basil leaves,  lemon juice and salt . Puree it into smooth and keep it aside 


4. In a pan heat half teaspoon olive oil add pasta to it and then add the avocado sauce . Just give it a quick stir check for seasoning add salt and pepper if needed and add more lemon juice if you wish to . 
5. Serve warm or cold . Can top with grated goat cheese or grated parmesan it is certainly optional. Garnish with torn basil leaves



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