Cardamom and lemon grass spiced chai



Hello Everyone !!!
It is chai time at crackleandtemper. Who doesn’t love to have a cup of tea me?? For me chai is my ultimate stress buster , I actually find happiness while drinking a good strong cardamom chai . In India we drink a lot of tea and I can have tea at any time of the day . Since I grew up in south India I have never had flavoured teas like ginger spiced or cardamom spiced or masala tea . In the state where I come from we only make a normal tea by boiling water and boiling milk no spices added. I had my first ginger (adrak) chai during my college days made by a friend of mine. From that time on I have been hooked to ginger spiced chai and it can eliminate stress and improve my mood. Even then I never guessed that chai tea was such a famous and popular tea in North america popularized by Starbucks. 

I had my first chai tea here in Canada in late 2012 . I did like the spices in that but I didn’t like the idea of drinking it as it is or just with cold milk and sugar . For me tea means it has to be boiled with milk , sugar and spices , I cannot have a tea which is just hot water, milk and sugar. So I tried to replicate it at home with the same spices but the Indian method of making it and guess what I succeeded . This time I wanted to make a different style of tea for my blog . I have a bunch of lemon grass in my herb garden (picture attached) and I wanted  to use it for  something. 

Lemon grass has a lot of medicinal properties and it is used in relieving cough and nasal congestion in Ayurveda.

Source : Wikipedia  


Prep Time – 10 minutes 

Cooking Time 10 minutes 
serves 2 
Author – Parvathy V Nair 


Cardamom- 3 to 4 small pods slightly crushed using hands
Lemon grass- just the green grass part , 3 or 4 stalks chopped up
Water- 250 ml
Tea leaves – 2 teaspoon if using tea bag , use 2 tea bags
Milk – as needed
Sugar- As needed


1. In a pan place water , bring it to a boil then add cardamom and lemon grasschai3

2. To this boiled water add black tea powder , I used fab india tea leaves from India . Here you can use any kind of tea ;loose tea leaves or tea bags.


3. Add milk and sugar to the boiling tea and reduce the heat to medium . Keep on stirring till the milk is boiled and as soon as the milk is boiling take it off the stove , strain into a mug


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